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Counter Alien Forces

Beekeeper PCA4
This anti-chemical combat armor was invented by the CAF scientists to counteract the alien's toxic ammunition. The armor is made with a coated surface layer that offers enhanced acid and toxic substances resistance. This was achieved thanks to a high admixture of lead. However, the alloy enriched with lead loses its strength and that is why only the surface layer of the armor can be made from this alloy.
The life support systems are contained in an apparatus pouch carried on the back. This pouch also contains a tank for chemical weapons ammo and is protected by an extremely sturdy cover.
The Beekeeper armor gives the CAF soldiers protection against acids and other corrosive substances.
Beekeeper PCA4

The CT-8 is a heavy combat tank. CAF engineers have constructed it to support CAF ground assault forces. It destroys sturdy targets, enemy discs and buildings with the great power of its two magnetic cannons. Thanks to a caterpillar chassis it can be used in rough and adverse terrain as well as open terrain. Relatively short cannon barrels enable the tank to turn the turret and maneuver in cramped spaces, for example in a build-up area or even inside larger UFOs.

Combat tank CT-8

This powerful tank is covered with laminated armor made of ultra-solid ceramic plates that protects it from the effect of most alien weapons. The turret of the tank is very resistant against a frontal attack, but its back side is a weak point. On the battlefield it turned out that alien heavy weapons can destroy the CT-8, despite its advanced armor.
The CT-8 is powered by a first-rate DT-510 engine, fueled by Avonium with low heat emissions. For maximum firepower the CT-8 is equipped with dual magnetic cannons. There are two offensive attacks available. It can shoot either with kinetic 12 mm. armor piercing ammunition or high-explosive 47 mm. shots. This tank can make quick work of most armored targets.

Swift CH-1 Swift CH1
The Swift CH1 is a support combat hovercraft. Its offensive load out consists of 4 100 mm. homing missiles hung under the wings and two magnetic quick-firing 30 mm. cannons. The cannons resemble the guns of the land vehicle Desert Spirit, but they had to be made shorter and therefore do not achieve as high of an armor-piercing strength. The dual cannons hold a combined total of 40 projectile rounds. Thanks to its great speed it is used when CAF squads get in deep shit. In order to maintain high maneuverability the vehicle is only lightly armored, and this makes it vulnerable to heavy weapons. The vehicle is powered by a small Avonium reactor, which serves as an energy source for the anti-gravity engine. The wing and aerodynamic controls only help to secure better maneuverability not to keep it airborne. This means the vehicle is able to operate even with broken wings. As far as anti-gravity is concerned; alien crafts are far superior. The Swift is controlled by a single pilot in an armored cockpit aided by a flight computer. All firing functions are automated. In summary, the Swift CH-1 possesses great firepower, but due to its vulnerability, it must be used only under certain circumstances. The best usage is in hit-and-run tactics when it attacks and falls back. Speed is its main advantage.

Desert Spirit CV1
The Desert Spirit CV1 is a combat support vehicle. The CAF engineers constructed it based on their battlefield experience. It turned out that even strong armor does not save our vehicles from heavy alien fire. Moreover, the troops required a vehicle combining a cannon and rocket armament with a great speed. The Desert Spirit is just the thing! The CV1 is armed with an automatic magnetic cannon, using armor-piercing ammunition and with a twin 100 mm. rocket launcher

Desert Spirit CV-1
The cannon is of a smaller caliber, but thanks to enhanced construction it can fire bursts. Thanks to the longer muzzle, the armor-piercing strength of the 9 mm. darts is nearly the same as in the case of the CT-8 tank, but the accuracy is greater. The vehicle is loaded with 60 cannon shots. There are only two rockets with a lighter warhead, but they are guided which gives them a high hit probability. The rockets together with the guidance system dominate its left side. The vehicle is powered by a DT-520A engine, a smaller version of the tank engine that needs less fuel and allows better acceleration. The wheeled chassis enables great speed. The wheels are hidden under the armor and they are pumped up by an automatic unit.The Desert Spirit CV1 is covered with laminated armor made of ultra-solid ceramic plates that protect it from most medium alien arms. The well-shaped tower increases its resistance against enemy frontal fire.Only one crewmember is required to control the Desert Spirit with the assistance of a computer. All shooting functions are automated. The operator only marks the target that is to be destroyed. The CAF soldiers favor the vehicle not only for its firepower, but also for its maneuverability and speed.

Desert Rat PCA-1
Desert Rat PCA-1 is personal combat armor. Its construction is based on the armors used by Esperanza police, but CAF engineers have improved it. It gives the maximum protection available using the current technologies in a way preserves the soldier's mobility.
Desert_Rat PCA-1
The armor consists of solid ceramic plates put on the latest generation of flexible, resistant polymers. Experimental blasting proved at least 50% higher resistance against kinetic ammunition than in the original police armor. You can assume that this armor will resist most of the light alien weapons attacks. The plates fit together in such a way that enables the entire range of combat moves.
There is a micro-sandwich structure under its own protective coat providing the ideal life-support conditions. It collects sweat, maintains optimal temperature depending on the physical functions of the bearer and it always controls his life functions. It automatically doses the appropriate medicines when the need arises. Desert Rat contains a support system in an armored ceramic box on the soldier's back and bears the label CAF Warrior. It consists of an energy source, a combat microcomputer, an air-conditioning unit and a set of medicines. The computer provides system control, communication, battlefield navigation, and assists in weapon aiming. Data is transferred either through a sight display in the combat helmet or in a personal set of Nano Devices CC - 14/A or CSC - 17. The Desert Rat PCA-1 is a unique armor with excellent properties, but it will be necessary to research and develop even stronger types of armor.

Horatio Moller Horatio Moller grew up in the state of Labor. This robust fellow used to work as a waiter at his parents' flourishing restaurant. Since his childhood Horatio had a special hobby - desert races using home made cars. He made them himself and often spent all his savings on them. Several years passed and Horatio won a race using a big four-wheel vehicle. And so, the hobby became a profession. A private agency securing the safe transport of precious materials from the desert mines took notice of a promising racer, and it offered him the position of a combat driver. With his sense for adventures,, Mole did not hesitate. He showed his talent for fieldwork and he could manouver an armoured vehicle just as well as a racing car. Amidst violent battles he became friends with Tom Sinclair, a soldier in CAF. Many times they saved each other's lives. Tom introduced him into the CAF. Horatio is a simple-minded sometimes foolhardy man, but always devoted to the matter. He is ready to give his life to save his wounded comrades. A trait highly valued in the team. They also appreciate his abilities as a repairman, for which he got a somewhat sarcastic nickname, ARU (Automated Repair Unit).

Joanne Boyd Joan Boyd was born in Labor. Her parents wanted her to become a singer, but little Jo's passion was sport, and especially jogging. Although she trained since her early childhood, she didn't manage to acchieve any success yet. Most girls with her appearance would choose the career of a model, but Jo was very stubborn and steadfast. Her content life ended with the death of her father in one of the first mining accidents. Jo entered CAF to learn what was behind it. She stayed to avenge her father's death. Jo endured not only a demanding training, but also the vision of death and she became a soldier. She was respected not only for her beautiful face and blue eyes, but also for her endurance and nice character. She surpassed many men due to her excellent physical condition. She prefers light weapons because they do not hinder her in movement. Jo mostly uses the CC - 14A, a simplified version of more the extended CSC - 17 Nano Device. The system only contains an intercom that enables the control of a personal combat computer by voice commands. She can receive the visual information about the targets and fire control in the slit display of the combat helmet.


Tom SinclairTom Sinclair comes from the state of Labor. He worked as a policeman in an elite force for 5 years. He gained combat experience by preventing the attacks of thievish gangs on precious material transports. He has won two national shooting contests during his service in the police, and he realised that he could rise in the world. He joined a private security agency where they fought more often and got higher pay. He was seriously wounded in a fight, but was given surgical implants in the hospital, speeding up his reactions. His mind was an adventurous one and so he joined CAF, where he became a favourite team member, especially due to his renown and combat experience. He prefers rifles instead of heavy arms. Tom's significance showed up when he took part in the first species gathering and his team brought The Thing. Tom wears a standard battle set CSC - 17 (Combat Sighting and Communication) from Nano Devices Inc. It contains glasses with a multi-spectral amplifier of residual light with an inbuilt display used to target hand weapons and with an anti flash and explosion filter. This fourth generation of glasses for combat protects the eyes against radiation. The intercom contains a command voice system for the personal computer.